Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 weeks!

2 weeks!


Well recovery went pretty well. I only really hurt one time when i decided to skip my pain meds since i was feeling so good...bad idea and i didnt do that again lol. Darron was so great! He basicly did everything for me. Helped me get to the bathroom, take a shower, and walk around the halls to get things moving again. Breast feeding is going good once we got the hang of things. Here are a bunch of pictures! Thanks to everyone who came and visited us!

she is finally here!

Well it has been way to long since i updated this but i have been a little preoccupied with our new little one! So here is her story.....

Since karlee decided not to come on her own they decided to go ahead and induce me at 5am on the 7th! So we went in all excited. Got our hooked up to the IV and got things started. I was 3 cm and 70% thinned out. Well after 8 hours of meds.....NOTHING and i mean change at all after 8 hours of contractions. :( So i had a choice.....let them break my water but if she didnt come with in 24 hours i would be a c section, go ahead and get a c section then, or go home and wait a few more days. Well i decided i had waited this long what was a few more days....looking back i should have just taken the c section but oh well. So i decided to go go back home and I was still having contractions too :(. That day was a really hard day for darron and i both. We were so ready to meet our little one and we thought that day would be her birth day and to have to leave the hospital with no baby was extremely depressing. I really didnt want to talk to anyone or see anyone or really do anything. I came home and just layed in bed and tried to take a nap.

Well they had rescheduled my induction for May 11th at 7am. Well when i got up that morning i told darron "we are not leaving without a baby this time no matter what it takes!" and I ment it. So we got to the hospital again and guess what...they didnt have us on the schedule! ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I said it was fine and just sat down and told them to call the doctor cuz i wasnt leaving lol. After about 20 min they got everything they needed and appologized for the nurses mistake for not rescheduling me (i didnt like my nurse from the first induction anyway!)

So they took us to our room...i made sure it wasnt the same one as last time :) where we met tiffany! Let me just say that i LOVE tiffany! She would be our labor and delivery nurse and would later nickname karlee "the brat" lol. Well i got all hooked up was awesome. She got my IV on the first try unlike the other nurse last time! She started moving me in different positions and doing all kinds of thing to me to help me along. They came in and broke my water at about 10am. The contractions started picking up and started to get pretty painful. I was at 4cm and 100% thinned out so i decided to get my epidural at around 1pm. Well at 3pm i was at 5 cm and 100% thinned out. well they came to check me again at 4 and i was still at 5 and my cervex was starting to swell back up :( I also passed a large blood clot which turned out to be a piece of my placenta. I was so overdue that it was starting to fall apart! Well after another hour and a half i was still at 5cm and cervex was still swollen. We werent getting anywhere and I was done. The doctor came in and i told him that at some point you have to "shit or get off the pot" lol and he agreed so Karlee would be born via c section. They started to prep me and i actually wasnt nervous at all. I was just relieved for everything to be over!
So we were all ready for the OR! Darron was really excited about wearing the hair net...obviously i am just kidding! Well things went pretty quickly from there. They put me in the OR and increased my epidural. I was feeling good except i was kinda shaking due to the increased meds. Darron asked me if i was cold and i told him no i just couldnt control it. Then they gave me something for the shaking. I remember feeling my body rock back and fourth and the firxt thing the doctor said was "we have an ear!" and i just remember thinging...well do we have a baby to go with that ear lol! Then they said the head was out and let darron stand up and see. Then they said you are going to feel some pressure. Then the doctor said she had some big shoulders! Then at 7:51 PM Karlee Genevieve Legnon entered this world! and she was MAD! lol Screaming the whole time! They said that they need her mad and screaming to help get the fluid out of her lungs.